Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette Swatches + Review

Some thoughts on the Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat palette, with swatches and a few throwbacks to 00s make up.

Urban Decay position themselves as the brand that provide ‘Beauty with an edge’ – but how do their products fair up against their feisty marketing?

Based in Newport Beach, California, Urban Decay’s latest offering is a petite eyeshadow palette that packs some serious pigment punch. The Naked Petite Heat palette has answered the warm matte desires I didn’t even know I had. A quick swipe on each finger and the shadows are opaque. And the colours? Hello sunset eyes.

But that’s no surprise – Urban Decay have been giving us some serious wow-power with eyeshadows since the launch of the first Naked palette in 2010 (perhaps even before then, although I was 16 and still wearing Avon swirly gloss and Barry M Dazzledust).

Where Urban Decay excels – perhaps even beyond the likes of MAC – is it’s ability to combine colours that us everyday girls can use with minimal fuss.

And this Naked Petite Heat Palette proves again that getting those Insta-worthy looks doesn’t always require a small team of make up artists.

My makeup application abilities don’t exceed that of the average makeup lover, but colour selection is always a little tricky. My beloved eyeshadow colour is MAC Soft Brown was recommended by one of the MAC makeup artists.

Colour selection for yourself can be tricky, which is why a palette like this is so welcome in my current collection.

So where does the Naked Petite Heat Palette fit in with my current line up of eyeshadows?

Put simply, it is the line up.

It was love at first application. Diving right into the most intimidating shades, I applied Hot Spell all over my lid, before going in with Wild Thing  in the crease and Strike over the top. They blend beautifully – soft, but the colour stays strong without being overpowering. And the colours just work. Many palettes like this feel thrown together, with the odd ‘dud’ shade just to fill out the pan.

But not this one.

Every colour earns it’s place, even Inhale – the token highlight shade – is soft and illuminating where others would be chalky.

And its versatility is impressive. Stick to the neutral shades for a daytime look. Try the burnt amber shade to kick it up a notch, use the darker colours as the perfect complimentary outer-corner colours. Then, if you want to really ramp it up, add some MAC pigment over the top for a dazzle even Barry M would envy. I’ll be creating some looks with my MAC Glitter in gold.

If you’re keen to try those warm mattes you’re seeing everywhere – and don’t currently own anything like it, you have my word that this palette will be the one you reach for, over and over again.



    • kerralina
      March 3, 2018 / 6:00 pm

      It really is – it’s the only palette that comfortably fits into my makeup bag!

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