3 Candles That Smell Like Fancy Hotels

I had a different intro for this blog post. But I got rid of it, because I went to see The Greatest Showman for the second time last night. I feel we need to talk about that for a moment.

It’s so damn near perfect. So much to love. So much to enjoy. A real show, and so enjoyable it made my heart hurt.

Have you seen it? What did you think? Did you think it was toe-tappinging fantastic? Have you watched it multiple times?

I’m gushing now. Let’s move on.

Fancy candles! Ones that smell so good, you’ll think you’re in The Ritz itself (and not just vegetating on the sofa).


Was Des Lavandes Candle by L’Occitane

Sophisticated and warming, this is lavender, but not quite how you remembered it. Reminiscent of a swish Parisian hotel, this sophisticated scent manages to be warm and fresh – with no hint of lavender-induced heady kind of headache. Now, I don’t recommend you make any purchases based solely on the packaging, but the tin lid on this candle is very satisfying. And kinda whimsical. This one is best burned on a quiet afternoon.


Lime, Basil and Mandarin Candle

The smell of the spa! This may be one of the finest things Aldi has every produced. After hearing these candles were a near double of the Jo Malone candles, I picked up this Lime, Basil and Mandarin jar. The scent is heaven – and you’d have a hard job convincing anyone with their eyes closed that it wasn’t Jo Malone. Perfect for all times of day, but particularly warming in the evening. Light in the bathroom for a detoxing smell and a spa-at-home experience.


Iced Almond Cookies by Yankee Candle

Want to feel like you’re in a homely holiday cottage? This Iced Almond Cookies candle smells sweet and warming. It’s not overpowering and it lingers like freshly baked pastries. I find food scented candles best work in the kitchen. I like that this one manages to be sweet but not overpowering; a lot of scented candles in this arena can fall into ‘sickly sweet’ territory. Great for lazy Sunday afternoons (and best burned with actual sweet treats to hand).



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