On Friday night, the boys and I bundled in the car to head to my all-time favourite burger place: Byron.

The clouds were rolling in when we pulled the front door behind us. By the time we were en route, the rain was lashing down. Here’s a quick shot from the car…

Joe kept opening the window on the motorway. We all shouted at him. He closed it.

When we arrived, we got our orders in pretty quickly. We’d all worked up an appetite.

And then the waiting began.

We almost got a great photo!  But my eyes were closed. Nice.

Then, finally, food.

I went for the Classic, with a side of french fries. It was delicious. I have my burger Well Done, please reserve your judgements.

The boys went for some more elaborate concoctions.

And after loads of chatting post-burgers, C and I got some nachos to snack on…

I can never resist a chocolate brownie (and I wouldn’t want to).

The burgers are reasonably priced (somewhere between £6 – £11) and the wait staff are usually great too.

If you ever walk by a Byron, just go in. You’ll love it.


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  1. Anonymous
    July 23, 2018 / 9:11 am

    Byron Burgers are delicious….😜

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