Dancing Queens

My gym is pretty picturesque. Look at those tall trees! It’s deliciously quiet too.

I have a new favourite class. It’s a dance/cardio class called Clubbercise. I turned up to it accidentally one morning and loved it, so now I go three times a week.

I did get some (blurry!) snaps for you…

Studio dark, clubbing lights on and pop hits blaring at full volume:¬†I’ve never been to a class like it!

Once your dancing shoes are on (I’ve just been wearing black Converse), it’s time to grab your glow sticks.

And then the fun begins! The class is a mix of dance steps and body combat. Everything is in counts of four and after a couple of classes, you soon pick up the routines.

After an hour of a dancing, it’s back to the car.

And my new favorite post-gym refreshment on my way back home!

You should look for a class near you. Dust off your dancing shoes (well, trainers!) and try it out.