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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Footwear & Accessories Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is something I always had but never mentally segmented away from the rest of my wardrobe. The idea being that you collate a few interchangeable pieces that you can reach for even in your most fashion-lazy mornings and still look great. It's consistent style at it's easiest and this week, I posted a video talking you through the footwear and accessories I've been reaching for this month.

You'll also find a previous video of me talking you through clothing items (spoiler alert it's polo neck central) but for now we're focussing on every girls' winter love - boots. From the chunky ankle boot to the thigh high suede numbers, there's just no keeping us from the latest boot releases. I turn my hand (or feet, as it were) to a pointy pair from ASOS which have been scoring me fashion points all round. Pointed toes are one to look out for and an easy way to update your post 2014 wardrobe.

I may also be uploading a Topshop haul soon which I am very excited about (who doesn't get excited about new Topshop purchases) and you may notice I've taken a keen interest in editing my videos a little differently too. Enjoy x


Sunday, 25 January 2015

14 beauty uses for Vaseline

Vaseline can be used in no end of ways. Here I share a few of my favourite ways to get more out of that little pot of petroleum jelly.

Vaseline is the long reigning Queen of multi-task. Well before Stila's Convertible Colours made their graceful d├ębut, Vaseline was already showing off her versatility. Here's how to get more out of the little blue pot knocking around in your make up drawer.

1. Tired of scrubbing the remains of home hair dye kits off your forehead? Run Vaseline along your hairline, ears and back of your neck for easy one-wipe  removal.

2. Forgot to pack your make up remover? Not a problem, massage some Vaseline into your skin and wipe away for on the go foundation removal.

3. If like me your perfume seems to fade quickly just rub a little Vaseline on your pulse points before spritzing your favourite scent for party proof longevity.

4. Spotted your knuckles looking embarrassingly dry? Massage some Vaseline into your hands for a quick-fix.

5. Woah there, unruly eyebrows running loose? Rub a bit of Vaseline through a spooly brush and then tame into place.

6. This one isn't quite so glamorous but if you find you're getting fits of sneezes in the colder months, try running a little Vaseline just on the inside of your nose to combat the red watery eyed sneeze attacks.

7. Patchy elbows after you've tanned? We've all been there. Try massaging a small amount of Vaseline on any dry areas before tanning up for a flake free finish.

8. Try smothering your feet in Vaseline before you go to bed and then pop on pair of (old) socks. You'll wake up with unbelievably smooth feet.

9. Skin looking a bit lifeless? If you're on the go and forgot to back your trusty highlighter try a minuscule amount of Vaseline on the tops of your cheek bones for a temporary glow. Caution: too much will make you look... well.. greasy (yum).

10. If you're in need of a manicure, apply Vaseline to your cuticles so they're easier to push back.

11. If you're all out of eye primer, not to worry. Sweep a little Vaseline across your eyelids (not too much) before applying your favourite MAC pigment.

12. We've all been in that situation where we've tried on a ring and it's promptly got stuck. Next time reach for your Vaseline before you reach for a chain saw. Rub a little around the edges and it'll slip off in no time.

13. Rub Vaseline on the necks of your nail polish bottles to prevent them getting stuck.

14. ...and of course it's great for your lips!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Ted Baker: Day dates and lunches

Ted Baker: Day dates and lunches

Ted Baker: Day dates and lunches by kerralina featuring cushioned shoes

Oh Ted Baker, a brand after my own heart. I was browsing Polyvore (as you do) and fell in love with pretty much everything in the Ted Baker section, so I thought I would collate a few pieces together for you if you need a bit of new style inspiration...

Now the sparkle of December has flounced off and left us for another year, getting back into 'fabulous' needs rethinking. For starters, why not try out a hat like this gold trimmed beaut? Never worn hats before? Not to worry, head out shopping and try on as many as you feel necessary (anything from 1-99 is socially acceptable) until you find your one true love. Small headed gals I will prewarn you, this is difficult, but perseverance is key.

You may also spot a selection of midi skirts and a gorgeous pair of black court shoes to wear with them. If you're off out for lunch or coffee, that's a perfect excuse to leave your jeans behind and slip into a luxurious midi skirt. Throw this gorgeous pastel knit over the top and you're set. Want to go a little more formal? Treat yourself to this cape coat in a beautiful camel nude.

For prices and more details on these gorgeous city girl chic pieces, you can click onto my Polyvore page which I am obsessing over right now! I worry it will be the beginning of a big spending splurge!


Friday, 16 January 2015

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

#Instadiary 9 // Photoshoot, Pugs and Not That Kind Of Girl

1. New bedside accompaniment. Great reads if you need to get back into the swing of reading and you're looking for some kick-ass inspiration.

2. Remember that photoshoot I did in London? Well this is a little peek into the kind of shots they took! If you didn't know already I work for itcher and they wanted some shots of me for their site. So much fun although did you know your lips twitch like a maniac when you've been smiling for too long.

3. Reverting back to nude. Reignited my love affair with my Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in 03. Most perfect nude lipstick ever, works perfectly with my Urban Decay Naked Palette.

4. Spotted this pug somewhere on the internet. Now I can't stop thinking how cute it is.

5. This is Hej, a coffee place in London. Well, this is actually the side of it. First stop when I wanna grab a late breakfast before I crack on with university work.

6. The most extravagant hot chocolate ever. Yeah those are actual Mars pieces on top of the mountain of marshmallows. It'll soon be spring, we have to make the most of winter indulgence.

7. Started using my pug water bottle again. I really don't know why I stopped using it for a while. Can you tell my pug-enthusiasm is starting to get a little out of control?

8. New year new clothes. Isn't that the best thing about the new year? My new pieces - all polo neck based - are hanging on my beautiful new rolling rail in my bedroom. The perfect set up for filming videos for my Youtube channel.

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