Thursday, October 23, 2014

Alexander Wang for H&M: Top 6 Wearabale Picks

When American fashion designer Alexander Wang announced the collaboration with one of our favourite high street stores, H&M, we all held our breath. Luxurious and unapologetically strong, Alexander Wang's designs act tribute to the fierce, independent women of modern day.
While many hoped for simple designs and covetable pieces, some were disappointed by the heavy nod towards the sports luxe trend. With leggings that look more like work out pants and dresses with bands fit for a boxer, many purses were rezipped in disappointment that AW hadn't created something a little more... high street.

But a designer can't compromise on their image and I for one love the above pieces. The leggings give that don't mind me I've just come from my gym class feel that big hair and a rucksack would work wonders with. The white sweater is begging for a red lipstick and some leather look trousers for a chic everyday look, and the jeans reinvent the staple black skinnies with a patterned twist. As for the black sweater - which is perhaps my favourite - layer up the rings, chuck on with a pair of boots and throw your hair into a messy bun for an all black, riskier spin on the Girl Next Door look . Speaking of which, the collection wouldn't be complete without a pair of statement shoes and the zip along the middle of these chunky black heels adds an almost industrial element that I think is perfect for giving an edge to autumn/winter looks. As for the LBD? The bands call for a stiff pair of heels and a slick back ponytail. A little black dress for the little more brave.

So when designers collaborate with high street stores, should they lessen their impact by creating more everyday-gal-friendly pieces? In my opinion, no. For us ladies who only have the chance to see designers in Vogue and not on the catwalk, high street collaborations present the rare opportunity for us to bring home our very own piece of high end brands, without breaking the bank. Do we really want that investment (albeit, a less heavy investment) to be a design that is easily replicated in Primark? Designer clothes offer ready made style - statement pieces, even the simpler monochrome designs, do the work for us. It's effortless fashion at it's very best. When designers collaborate with the high street to change to help fit our purse, we need to remember if we're going to buy designer, let's be brave and buy designer, not hope the designers will change to fit more easily into our wardrobe too.

The Alexander Wang collection will be available from 9am on 6th Novemeber 2014. If you can't make it to a store then pick your favourite item carefully, ladies, because the collection is limited to one item per person if you shop online.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Instadiary #7

#1. Black cabs and good books in London. Ciaran and I on our way back from Euston station to his flat, where I picked up my brand new copy of Gone Girl. I've delved into the first couple of chapters and so far, so good.

#2. There's nothing quite like a new copy of Vogue and a Lush bath bomb to relax in the evening. I used Big Blue which did smell incredible but managed to leave behind some seaweed type strands. No thank you.

#3. My friend Shauna and I went to the zoo not long after going back to university. Being a bit of a sucker for tortoises, I couldn't help but ignore the 'Please do not touch' sign and give him a little pet. Rebel without a cause.

#4. Interior drool-worthy inspiration on Instagram. Is this not just the most perfect flat? That may be the most beautiful lampshade I have ever seen.

#5. Meet Maizie. No, unfortunately she isn't my puppy but oh my she is just a bundle of squishyness. 

#6. Ladies who lunch. Shauna and I had some bitesize sandwiches before our afternoon at the 'spa'. I use spa in inverted commas because it turned out to be a swimming pool, a sauna and a gym. Groupon you let us down.

#7. What's the verdict on this dress? I'm thinking of wearing it to a wedding in Ireland next week. I think the design is very elegant but I'm not sure it's the most fabulous dress out there. But then there will always be more fabulous dresses (isn't that a comforting thought).

#8. London at night. Typical tourist shot I know but much like clich├ęs, it's easy to see why it's so overdone. Big Ben looks so beautiful, especially when it's all lit up. I simply can't wait for trips to London in the festive season.

#9. Oopsie daisy I have a new addition to the Vivenne Westwood family. During a trip to Bicester I just couldn't put this beauty down. It is everything I need in a bracelet and more.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

6 reasons this Independent article has Zoella all wrong

I recently read this article on The Independent and the feminist inside me became increasingly annoyed with every line I read.

1. Taking pride in your appearance does not exclude you from feminism. Sharing tips or your latest purchases does not mean you cannot be a great role model. However, when you are so jealous of another woman's success you have to resort to mocking her eyes (seriously?) then I think it's time you took a moment to remember what feminism is about.

2. Girls watch Zoe's Youtube channel as an outlet, a way to spend free time and guess what, sometimes we like talking about make up, hair and latest things we're bought. Shock horror. Her Youtube channel doesn't need to 'do away' with the beauty tutorials because we like talking about beauty. Sometimes we try out new make up looks when we only have a long evening of Netflix ahead of us. Sue us.

3. Zoe has rose to fame in one of the cleanest ways possible. She hasn't exploited herself, she hasn't appeared on a reality show, she hasn't 'sold out' or abused her large following. I therefore struggle to detest the fact she earns her living from her online presence.

4. It's almost archaic to think if you blog about beauty and fashion then you can't uphold feminist values. Feminism is about empowering yourself and other women. If lipstick makes you feel the most kick-ass version of you then buy out the entire MAC counter. Dampening another woman's success won't earn you any respect nor will it make you any more successful.

5. Zoe often appears on camera sans-make up (that's nil make up for my French-confused readers) and aren't young girls going to feel a lot better about the way they look if they see even Zoe's face is home to the odd spot or two?

6. It is an embarrassment that a writer working for The Independent can attack a young woman for pursuing her interest and earning a living from her success. We should be promoting this drive and determination to the younger generation, not degrading it.

A far better article to read: 'Zoella IS a great role model' - The Telegraph

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

All About That Bass: Why I'm Not Happy Being Called a 'Skinny Bitch'

There's no doubt about it. 'All About That Bass' is a horrifically catchy song, but I'm growing more and more uncomfortable every time I hear it. Let's start from the ever present body issues in the media shall we?

I'm increasingly concerned about the lack of diversity seen upon our catwalks and in our magazines. Young girls are scrolling through endless images of thigh gaps on Instagram and consequently developing unrealistic ideas about their body and how it should look.

But Meghan Trainor's 'All About That Bass' does little to help the issue. Everyone seems to think it's some kind of breakthrough that a curvaceous lady has hit the Top 10 and therefore this is just The Best Thing Ever, but Beyonce, Niki Minaj, Beth Ditto and Adele have all found their way through our headphones, none of which are a Size 0. And Meghan while I appreciate you were reaching out to a community of curvy girls who you'd like to serve a helping of self confidence, calling me a 'skinny bitch' won't make me respect you, nor will it make me feel ashamed of going to the gym.

Quite frankly, I don't give a damn if 'the boys like a little more booty to hold at night'. I go to the gym and squat until my legs feel weak because I want a kick-ass, strong and healthy body, not because I want 'the boys' approval. I have a pretty good bum for a 'skinny bitch', but I wouldn't for a second try to glorify my own body by slamming another body type. Telling girls that being curvy is better because the boys will prefer them to skinny girls isn't doing anyone any good.
You're making us take a side, you're making it a 'skinny vs curvy' and girls shouldn't be segregated because of their weight. Scrap what 'the boys' prefer and start promoting health. Let's get girls feeling positive and healthy, not continually looking at someone else's figure, wondering if that's what boys prefer.

Ladies and younger girls, Size 0 to Size Whatever, you can look however you damn please. But don't try to look a particular way for 'the boys', and keep in mind that all women are insecure about some parts of their body - there's no need for us to point it out.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

19 Things Girls Think When Scrolling Through Instagram

How is that young Kardashian sister so hot? I looked like a goat at her age. Kinda want her lipstick though.

Oh look, Cara Devevinge is the new face of that brand.

How do I delete my searches of girls I wanted to check up on?

I don't know where that infinity pool is but I want to be there. Why am I not there? Why am I on the bus? WHY.

That abs exercise looks like it might actually hel- OH LOOK SOMEONE POSTED KRISPY KREMES

Look at the intricate detailing on the back of that dress. I'm gonna screenshot that and hope there's a similar one in Primark. Diamond encrustations are optional.

I'm sure that quote is really meaningful but I'm only going to read the first line


I need to move somewhere where I can have a permanent tan.

I need that lipstick. Is it weird if I ask her where it's from? I don't care, I'm doing it. That lipstick is too perfect to be thinking about pride right now.

Penny boarding looks kinda fun.

That sure is a mighty pretty swirl design on that cup of coffee.

Oh the guy in Starbucks spelt your name wrong? HILARIOUS. No seriously, tell me again about how fed up you are of this happening. Make sure you include the appropriate emoticon too.

Her hair is so long and perfect! Maybe I should get extensions. And a wavy perm.

Oh man, I really want to travel - just look at that Amaro filter over the Grand Canyon

If their life gets any better I may have to unfollow them.

That make up collection is worth more than my house!

What a lovely Triangl bikini

WOAH someone I know is on the popular page?! Oh no wait it's 'based on people you follow'. Lol I thought they were famous for a second.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

LUSH HAUL: New Autumn/Winter Purchases 2014

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Lulu Guinness Giveaway

Hello ladies and secret gents. Fancy getting your hands on a piece of the wonderfully sassy Lulu Guiness label? I'm running the international giveaway on my Youtube channel so clickety click below to find out the details!

Anyone else obsessed with Lulu Guiness lately? I just want everything.
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Thursday, October 09, 2014

What I Bought In Bicester Village & Giveaway

As you may have seen in this post, I recently went on a little designer spending spree with the mother and my bank card. You guys seemed pretty keen to see what I picked up, so here's a little surprise for you....

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Monday, October 06, 2014

Bicester Village: A Peek Inside The Designer Outlet

Mouth watering designers, friendly staff and drool inducing embellishments - why wouldn't you want to take a trip to Bicester Shopping Village?
Yesterday, my mum and I hopped in the car and headed to Oxfordshire, home to the designer outlet. We returned home, many bags later (most of which were mine) and minds full of the perfectly sculpted handbags and clothing we had left behind.
When we arrived, I wasn't too surprised to learn the car park was full which lead us to overflow parking. We didn't mind as firstly, it was free and secondly, it offered a regular free coach to the shops.
The staff were welcoming and while it was busy, it was so enjoyable walking around a shopping village, rather than an enormous shopping centre.
It's a unique shopping experience, but one I could certainly get used to. There is no judgement in wandering around Prada, simply oggling at the handbags. There's no judgement in looking at the £5,000 Valentino dresses that you can in no way afford. Not only that but there are the far more affordable Jack Wills, Cath Kidston and Clarks, amongst others to actually spend your pennies.
It's designer fashion on an accessible level and quite frankly, I'm in love with the place.
Who would like to see a haul showing you what I picked up?
Kerry x
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