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Sunday, 22 February 2015

6 eBay bargains you can't miss

Looking for the best eBay bargains? I've collated my favourite eBay picks, all of which I have purchased myself at some point or another. Tried and tested. 100% bargain.

Oh eBay. Home of the thing we can never find and, more famously, mouth-droppingly good bargains. I know you guys are all pretty savvy with your pennies, and know a great bargain when you see one. Well, to help you out, all my top eBay picks are now stashed away in one post. Happy buying.

If Tumblr in top form is what you're looking for then you have found your answer. Less than £5 and a little edgier than your typical cross over dress, this crop top is the first pick for your go-to 'let's misbehave' outfit. Wear it to cocktails with kohl liner and lashes or wear it to a gig with a haphazard ponytail and grungy make up.

I refuse to believe I need to spend a car worthy amount of money on expensive brushes. Especially when I've tracked down this beauties that (get this) don't shed. Okay so I've had one mishap with one of the eyeshadow brushes where the head came off, leaving me with a black wooden handle to apply my eyeshadow with (not advisable), but I'm guessing that was probably my fault anyway. Nothing a bit of superglue couldn't fix and the others are my staple brushes. If your make up stash needs a revamp, start with these.

If I look at this photo long enough my mouth starts to water. Easily the prettiest phone case I have ever seen, it tops any designer number I've laid eyes on (and believe me when I say, I love the MOSCHINO ones). Tacky glitter? Yep. Shiny stars? Yep. It's everything I could ever want in a phone case and more. I'll take 5.

I grew tired of being ridiculously overcharged for nail files that barely lasted more than a few uses, so I took to eBay and picked up 10 of this double sided, curved ones for less than the price of a coffee. The reason I get through them quicker than I get through brownies is because of the next eBay delight that I'm going to let you in on... 

Having my nails done began to feel like a chore (oh the scandal, someone take my Girl Card away immediately). Not only that, but being stuck with acrylics can be such an inconvenience when university assignments creep up and I need maximum typing efficiency. I discovered these stick on stiletto nails towards the end of last year and I am converted. If you don't want the pointy, maneater look then you can file them down to a softer almond shape. 
Tip: to help them stay put for longer, gently file the top of your own nail before popping the glue on for nails that (should) last around a week. Just keep the glue in your purse so you can make the inevitable quick fixes when one flicks off.

What's a bloggers desk without clear make up storage? Irrelevant, apparently. Since we've all hopped on the MUJI style bandwagon, we might as well opt for the purse friendly alternatives. This clear acrylic lipstick organizer is as good as the real thing and will only set you back £2.10. Your move, MUJI...

So what's first on your list of things to pick up?


Saturday, 21 February 2015

*Knock Knock Knock* Penny

There are two things I am loving right now. Watching endless reruns of The Big Bang Theory on E4 and this geometric, bodycon dress. Oh, and the leather jacket. So three things. 

Topshop always do well with bodycon dresses. I think it's the fact they don't skimp on material and you always get a good, thick material to highlight your curves. Oh and this panel detailing? An hourglass figure in thread form, I swear.

Now there's a story behind this leather jacket: I had one very similar a year or two ago and I lost it on a night out. Now, any normal person would have returned to the bar/club the next day to retrieve such a well loved jacket. Alas, we must take my extreme laziness into consideration, coupled with the fact that it quickly slipped my mind. 

Let's cut to the chase shall we: I am now the owner of this peplum number (yup, peplum on a leather jacket, it's a thing, believe it) and I'm pretty damn thrilled with it. I think it is by far the best thing to have in your wardrobe if you want to add a bit of a rough edge to otherwise girly pieces. I know I'll be getting a lot of wear out of it but for now, back to The Big Bang Theory...


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Kate Spade: Pinks, Minks & Metallics

Kate Spade Lust List: Pinks and Minks and Metals

Kate Spade Lust List: Pinks and Minks and Metals by kerralina featuring Kate Spade

The first time I walked into a Kate Spade store I wasn't quite sure where to look. 

The deletable pastels, the uniformity of the bags and the mouth-wateringly clean edges of the leather were almost too much to handle. I melted, and spent the next half an hour longing over everything in the store, running my fingers along the edges of the bags I would have sacrificed a small child for. 
I returned a few months later on my 21st birthday and made my first Kate Spade purchase in the form of a black leather bag that I quickly fell in love with.

I'm beginning to see the big deal with designer brands like Kate Spade.

And who wouldn't?

I know my friend Jen would just adore the Space Cadet clutch bag. I daren't tell her the price in case it brings on a small heart attack but given the chance, I'm sure she would happily take 10.

As for the phone cases, I'm just overly bitter that I seem to purchase the only iPhone that cases were never made for: the iPhone 5c. Does anyone know why that is? Because whatever is keeping me from that cat eared phone case better be a good reason.

Believe me when I say these are just a few of the Kate Spade pieces I'm currently lusting over and I'm sharing that I-need-this-now feeling with you, because that way we can both have a meltdown over the beauty of their products.

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